How do you find your first customers? Let us show you the fastest way to identify and locate raving fans while using test methods to refine your message and expand customer acquisition.

PHASE I How to Build an Audience We’re going to go into this section with 0 customers and a lot of uncertainty and finish with a confident grasp of the tried-and-true formula for establishing our first customers. PHASE II Newsletters We’ve all received (and deleted) an email newsletter before. Now let’s look at how to create newsletters that don’t suck and start engaging with our customers in a meaningful way. PHASE III Social Media It’s a given that our customers are on social media. Let’s make sure we are too, and that we’re starting the right conversations to help us expand our reach. PHASE IV Paid Acquisition What’s the difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads? How do they work? What’s a reasonable ad spend? Let’s find out together.

We're going to start a conversation with our First 100 customers to learn what they care about and how our messaging connects with them. The conversation itself will establish trust and dialogue that we can use to build our larger marketing efforts upon.

Establish a presence across key social platforms. Craft a narrative that engages your audience and inspires them to take a specific action. Expand your audience by following, sharing, commenting, and being super responsive. Engage with and survey your audience without being overly sales-y. Learn when (and how) to take advantage of Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. Track analytics and refine your marketing strategy based on results.

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