Is your new startup idea worth pursuing? Let us take it through our battle-tested process to get insights from experts, customers, and available research to see if it’s worth building.

PHASE I Research Plan We’re going to take a hard look at the market we’re about to enter to determine if the problem we’re setting out to solve is worth solving while homing in on any other solutions that may already exist. PHASE II Expert Validation We’ll seek advice from subject matter experts, founders, and investors to identify which pitfalls to avoid and gain further insight into the probability of success for our startup concept. PHASE III Customer Discovery By directly surveying our customers, we’ll gain a better understanding of how our solution fits into our market and learn if what we think our customers want gels with what they actually want. PHASE IV Elevator Pitch From pitching investors, to securing partnerships, the Elevator Pitch is one of the most important tools in a Founder’s tool belt. We’re going to break down how to perfect this deceptively difficult summary.

Before we spend a dime on building anything, we’re first going learn how to assess the feasibility and viability of our startup idea to see whether we should forge ahead with confidence, pivot, or go back to the drawing board altogether. This should always be the first step for every Founder who is considering pursuing an idea.

Determine whether the problem you’re solving is painful enough to be worth solving. Identify who’s already trying to solve the same problem and if you can beat them. Create customer archetypes to paint a clear picture of your ideal customer. Survey ideal customers to find out if what you’re building aligns with what they actually want. Gain insight into the feasibility of your idea by engaging with credible experts. Learn how to distill your concept into a persuasive and compelling elevator pitch.

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